• GlitchedIris64

    EDIT  COMMENTS SHARE---- Hello everyone I'm here to discuss the truth about starman3 aka pedofag3 or bigmacfan1990

    most of this will be copy-paste/links

    so lets get started

    1. from striker the koopa I've heard sturmon3 made another mistake. Hooray

    this time he lost +Aeddon Goodwin as a friend,

    I told ya so, he is not going to change at all. he's a same old starman where he cares about himself and no one else. he just assume THAT cringy Kenneth having a "hate war". it already have been stopped. What an idiot.


    1. from striker the koopa Wow, Sturmon3.
      Your videos have so much controversial mistakes.

      I don't like them at all. It's just my opinion.

      You are making these videos LIKE THAT? screw you, Starman. You ruined your fan base, Your videos, you think y…

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  • 23jcrosby12


    April 24, 2015 by 23jcrosby12

    hello i am a fan of starman3 and mariomario54321.

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