SuperMarioGlitchy4 is the most awesome Sm64 Machinimist ever so far!! He makes the most funny and retarded videos of mario being retarded, Luigi being gay, and himself being sexy (not really). His first blooper was The Cake was a Lie! and his latest blooper is The Retardness of 2014 and the other fetuered bloopers that happen every year or a lot are Halloween Specials, Christmas Specials, War of the Fat Italians, and a series of shorts called Ssmoderar, he even features Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers and a series called The Wacky Wario Bros, and Sonic the derphog. Also his first appearance was Account Loss, and Starman3's first appearance was A murder without Peach in which he was a member of the party Mario made and Smg4 invited. There is also a villan in his bloopers named SuperMarioglitchy3 who is trying to ruin Smg4's bloopers in which he always fails and he sometimes even teams up with Bowser, but today Smg3 is less evil than he was from before.












Halloween SpecialsEdit

Halloween Special 2011

Halloween Special 2012

Halloween Special 2013

Halloweege Special 2014

Christmas SpecialsEdit

Christmas Special 2011

Christmas Special 2012

Christmas Special 2013: The 12 idiots of Christmas

Christmas Special 2014: The Bowser that stole Christmas

War of the Fat ItaliansEdit

War of the Fat Italians 2011

War of the Fat Italians 2012

War of the Fat Italians 2013

War of the Fat Italians 2014

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